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Device for detecting temperature by scanning and controlling asepsis of the hands

Facial recognition + Temperature measurement + Hand sanitization + Access control + Protocol support if symptoms

Contactless terminal

Temperature measurement by scanning

Accuracy: + 0.3 * F

Scanning distance: 0.7m-1m

Facial recognition & alertness detection

Identification rate> 99.995%

Hand asepsis control

Sanitizing gel dispenser

NFC, RFID, Bluetooth & QR Code

Integrates with your access control

Anonymous scan function

reconnaissance facile etape 1.JPG
reconnaissance facile etape 2.JPG

Custom interface

Personalization of the home page with your logo, date and initial display.


Choice of 11 languages.

Thermal digitizer


During the scanning process
thermal, the user looks at the circle of rotation. A sweep lasting
less than one second is executed.

The app measures the temperature
bodily in the center of an individual's forehead.

Temperature overview


The individual temperature is presented in less than a second.


A green background is shown for temperatures within the allowable range and a red background for high temperature

Functions included with the terminal

  • Microsoft Azure hosting

  • HiTrust, ISO27001 and HIPAA compliance

  • Thermal management

  • Compliance and validation

  • Cloud device management

  • Advanced reports and analyzes

  • Upload to the cloud on the device

  • Cloud-based settings management

  • Electronic messaging and automated SMS

  • Adding customizable workflows to the market

  • Multilingual

  • 24/7/365 live support

  • AI interfaces

  • User Management

The resort includes

  • 8 inch screen and software

  • Binocular infrared camera

  • Thermal digitizer

  • Sanitizing gel dispenser

  • Access control capability

  • State-of-the-art easy recognition algorithm

  • NFC, RFID, Bluutooth, 4G and QR code

  • Direction of liveliness

  • Customizable workflows

  • Multilingual

  • Material warranty

  • Online and offline operation

  • Plug & Play installation

  • Ports for Ethernet and access control

  • Installation mast

  • Power supply

A fully personalized security terminal

  • Autonomous, simple and fast personalize the application to your image

  • A host of app customization features can be selected and managed from the cloud or device

  • Workflows are configurable by you or your team with one touch, allowing you to provide a seamless thermal scanning experience for customers, staff and suppliers


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